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Sprinkles, the new Krispy Kreme?

Canon EOS 5D MkII, EF 16-35 f/2.8L II

Yesterday friends of mine came to spend the day in San Diego and I decided to meet up with them for the afternoon. We walked around Coronado Island and did some of the touristy stuff, specially considering how gorgeous the weather was. While having lunch we started to talk about fads and I mentioned the whole cupcake fad that we are experiencing right now, the husband was a fan of cupcakes but had never heard of sprinkles and I went off about how great they are even though I’m not really a “deserts/sweets” kind of guy! I put my neck out there for sprinkles so they better not let me down.

On our way back we decided to drive by the La Jolla store but there was a lineup as usual and we opted not to stand in line and we decided on a coffee instead. I still stick by my word, if you never had sprinkles cupcakes go out and give them a try, they are beyond Delicious even though they don’t meet my strict healthy food criteria :)… we all need to enjoy life at some point. The key is balance.

In case you were wondering the one on the left is the Dark Chocolate cupcake (good & rich, maybe too much chocolate for me!!). The one on the right is the Banana cupcake with chocolate icing (taste is out of this world, you can not not taste the banana 🙂 )

So my friends promised that they would give it a try this weekend, I’m keeping my fingers crossed while I wait for their review.

How long has this cupcake fad been in? Do you think its just like the Krispy Kreme craze from a few years back? or are cupcakes here to stay?


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  1. Yummmmm…:X

    December 5, 2011 at 10:15 am