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A Day at the beach

Spent this Saturday at Laguna Beach, shooting my friend’s new born baby girl. While doing that we were also watching a CBVA tournament. I’ve been to previous AVP events and I really struggled with keeping the players in focus, I thought I’d try a few shots while the tournament was going on. I told one of the players that I’d share the pictures here, so here they are:

Starting out the series with the shot that made us approach the player, we thought she would at least like to have this one:

This was earlier in the day, she immediately stood out with her vertical and power.

Anticipating the serve

This was a new game that was much closer to where we were sitting.
I set the AF to AI Servo, I focused the center point on her shoulder blade and kept her in focus throughout the serve! I find that when AF is set to AI Focus the motor tends to go crazy trying to focus on the subject if they stand static for a period (which happens a lot in sports). I was actually impressed that I never lost focus of her through all that wire:
And while all of this was going on, the dolphins came by 🙂

If the players want a copy of the image without the watermark, contact me and I’ll email you a copy


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