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The pride of a nation

The pride of a nation

June 6, 2010 – we were somewhere between Doha, Qatar and Johannesburg, South Africa. By now though, you couldn’t avoid the world cup fever, once we got to Qatar you could see that the the world cup theme was everywhere. We also happened to find out during that layover that they were bidding for the 2022 world cup which they won!!! I don’t know how but I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on that one.

Todays images are about the pride of a nation… South Africans were very proud to be hosting the world cup, they were very proud to welcome the world, they wanted us all to feel welcome which we really did. The message was clear: the world cup was on African soil and they were so proud. One of the neatest things that we saw was the side mirror flag covers, they are quite a nice way to show your support. This particular one was taken of our Safari van, yes even out in Kruger Park they were feeling the world cup fever.

Here are a few more shots of the rainbow nation’s flag… thats what they call South Africa down there 🙂 The images were taken during 2 different games: England vs USA & Netherlands vs Denmark. I will talk about the games on the actual anniversary days, at least that is my plan for now….

The pride of a nation

The pride of a nation


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