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Fighting Instinction

Going back to our Safari, on our first morning drive right before sunrise we saw this gentle giant. What a sight, the way they move, they kind of sound like a dinosaur in the movies! I believe this is considered a white rhino and I think its because its actually the lightest of the 5 species of rhinos. Sadly a lot of them are being hunted down for their horn by poachers either for luxury products or traditional medicinal purposes.

In the above image I admit that I got scared, I thought he was going to charge us specially that I was zoomed in all the way to 200mm so I thought he was actually closer, he stared us for a bit then turned around (below) and ran off. Sadly we didn’t see one again but the 2-3 minutes seeing one in its natural habitat was quite a memorable experience, enough that it deserved its own post 🙂



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