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This weekend I went back to playing golf for the first time in over 2.5 years, the primary focus for me was to not swing so hard and injure myself after not playing for so long. My mind thinks in a strange way and this reminded me of crocodiles 🙂 The night before I was watching a documentary about crocodiles in Northern Australia; one of the ways they break their meal into smaller digestible portions is by spinning around at a very high speed to tear the ligaments & joints of their prey.

Each animal has its own unique traits, according to wikipedia, a crocodile bite measure 5000 pounds per square inch of pressure when biting down, compared to a white shark that measures 400 punds per square inch. But with all this force Crocs don’t chew on their prey to break them into smaller portions, they take one bite to capture their prey and spin around violantly to tear them to smaller portions and in essence kill them. If they are lucky they get to eat the whole prey but more often then not they are joined by another fellow crocodile. Even with all this force they still don’t have much strength to open their jaw and thats why we see them always taped shut when captured, they just don’t have the strength to open their jaw.

This particular picture was taken of a crocodile during our Safari in South Africa. I was using my 70-200mm for this shot but it was about 50 yards away from us, we were walking on foot by then 🙂 The ranger told us not to get too close to the water because they are quite sneaky and coud jump at us, he did think that the likelihood of that happening was very low since there were only 2 crocs in the area and one of them was the one above, he doubted the second one was with him in that lake. Oh yeah, a week before we arrived in our lodge, one the two crocodiles was found in the swimming pool of our lodge!! Apparently they can “smell” water and they are always attracted to it.


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