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I decided to do something different today and only go out with my thrifty fifty (50f/1.8)! I usually go out with a zoom lens and I find that I pick one position and focus on zooming in and out and not much more, a prime forces you to think more of composition and less gear. They also say that 50mm is closer to what our eyes see, I personally think its more like 55-60mm (this is is on full frame sensor). If you have a crop sensore camera then divide your crop factor by that number, for example, a Canon Rebel T2i is 1.6x crop sensor, (55-60)/1.6 ~ (34-38mm) would probably give you something closer to what our eye would see. Having said that 50mm is great for close up portraits on a crop sensor, its a must for anyone beginning photography in my opinion.

Back to today, I also said that I won’t do any HDR but with all this texture I had to! I was subtle with the settings as to keep it more on the realistic side. I decided to go with a shallow DOF (f/3.5), I experimented with different point of views and went with this one. Now that I really examine it I should’ve “rotated” more to the left, ah well, you live and learn….


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  1. mewithmycamera

    great photo

    July 3, 2011 at 7:15 am