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One of the most coveted shirts in all of football (soccer) is the Brazilian #10 shirt! I’d say Argentina’s #10 holds the same status, whoever has the honor/burden of putting on that shirt is under the spot light. Pele & Maradona were the reasons behind this legendary status, no two players captivated the world of football the way they did. With all due respect to all the other legends but how often do we look for who is wearing England’s #9 shirt? or France’s #10? Holland’s #14? I don’t think it carries the same burden on the players that wear them now! Maybe its just me.

Anyway Brazil’s Copa America campaign kicks off against Venezuala. However, uncharacteristically this time around the world’s eyes are not on the #10 shirt but the player who will be wearing #11, Neymar. He’s tipped to be one of the game’s greats and at 19 has shown huge potential, I hope he reaches his full potential! He needs a solid support group around him to shield him from the distractions that come with fame and fortune, and unfortunately Brazilians in general don’t have a good track record in that department. A lot of them lose the motivation after a few years at the top the their game; they love their partying and women! Regardless of how they live their life I love their football 🙂

YouTube is actually showing the whole tournament on the internet for free! Not sure why but I’m not complaining 🙂


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