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This is Torrey Pines

Most people would think of the golf course when they hear the phrase “Torrey Pines”, and yes this is where the famous golf course is; its actually just behind the greenery that you see, closer to the cliffs. There are actually two golf courses: north & south course, the tournament is usually played on the south course which is what divides the course from the state park. The park has many trails, I’ve only personally walked two different ones but I think there are a few more! You can walk up the hills to the top and then pick one of the trails or you can just walk all the way on the beach and then take a set a stairs that lead you on a trail path to the top.

Torrey Pines State beach has also more of a family atmosphere as no one gets out of control, its not the college scene as some other San Diego beaches. Parking however is a different story: its best to park on Carmel Valley Rd and walk under the bridge to get to the beach. I’m surprised at how many people just wait on Torrey Pines Rd for a spot to open up, I don’t think its worth it specially during “tourist” season.

Please click on the image to see the full size Panorama, there is a lot of detail 🙂


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