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Del Mar Racetrack

After all this time of living in San Diego, I finally made it to the Del Mar Racetrack. Never really understood the big fuss as I imagined it to be horse track full of gamblers but it does hold other events to keep everyone interested I guess πŸ™‚ On this particular day it was a Ziggy Marley concert and we wanted to go early to make sure that we can get in, since we’ve never been we didn’t really understand how this whole thing worked. Once we got there, we just had to pay general admission and we could stay until the end of the day.

Well, we didn’t plan this thing properly. We stayed under the sun watching the races for over 3 hours and we got exhausted! We didn’t end up staying for the concert! πŸ™‚ While we were there I got the chance to take a lot of pictures from different vantage points, I even got to practice my panning technique which I totally forgot about!! In this particular series I was standing at the finish line amongst the general stands, it was interesting watching how the cheers slowly turn into jeers as the horses reach the finish line. Personally, I don’t bet, one of those things that I never got into! In this race I was lucky to spot one winner amongst the crowds.

Finally here is a picture of the general grounds, it was quite busy day with a very diverse crowd. So I withdraw my prior comment about it being a place full of gamblers, people are definitely betting but its still a family friendly atmosphere. From it though I thought of a street photography project, Tattoo Portraits. I thought what I would do is walk up to someone with a tattoo and try to take their portrait and find out the story behind their body art. I bet I’d find some very interesting stories; I really hope to carry this idea through…


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