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Interior Design

A friend of mine asked me to help her with her Interior Design portfolio by shooting one of her projects and I wouldn’t turn such an opportunity down because I love to help, and also because I was flattered that they would consider using my work to showcase her work! I had suggested that she should try to use HDR for this kind of shoot if she didn’t have the budget to invest in strobes and thats primarily why I was asked to help, I’m quite comfortable with this type of photography. The place was in Aliso Viejo so I had an hour drive that somehow I turned into an hour and a half by getting lost, something about men not asking for directions… 🙂

I had a lot of fun working with them, I hope they enjoyed too, we spent about 7 hours shooting, reviewing and even processing a few images together to show them how I do things. The best part of this was the collaboration, I was suggesting things from a lighting and photography perspective while she would suggest things from an Interior Design perspective. The shot above was her idea and I thought it could go in a brochure 🙂 The one below is clearly the photographer having fun with his wide angle lens, wouldn’t use it in an interior designer portfolio but maybe in a house ad. I shared a few more from what I provided for her.


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