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Ramadan Mubarak

Yesterday was the beginning of Ramadan and I thought I’d post something related to it. This is also from my recent trip to Abu Dhabi, the funny thing is that I remember mosques to be HUGE while growing up there; now that I’ve gone back after so many years they seem so much smaller, I remember them being larger than anything! There are still some really large mosques in the city, matter of fact I think they have the largest one in the world but the local mosques are primarily small. They are also everywhere now and I would assume to meet the highly dense population, each one of these mosques would probably hold 50-75 people and this row of towers was stretched over a few kilometers. Now that I do the math it makes sense why they had 4 or 5 of similar size mosques in this row of buildings. Anyway enough of my urban planning analysis :), Ramadan Mubarak to those who celebrate the month…


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