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Parade Laps

This set of images is from a few weekends ago when we went to the Del Mar racetrack. Before each race starts they bring out the horses and do a few laps around a smaller “track”; initially they walk the horses by themselves for people to see them. Not really sure if there is an art to it or just better’s intuition but I heard a few guys talking about the way a horse was walking and it showed his confidence so they should put their money on him! Personally I was in awe of the horses beauty, they are so graceful in the way they walk and run. They have got to be one of the leanest animals also, they appear as if they are all muscle.

There is a small tunnel that leads the horses to the track and right before heading to the races, on their last lap, the jockey jumps on the horse and you can say its all business from now on. Everything seems to be more serious from there on, even the horses strides change but I supposed its because someone is riding it now 🙂 Here a few more images of the horses being paraded to the crowds


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