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Kick back and relax

Here is another one from the archives, actually I think there is going to be a heavy reliance on my archives for the next couple of days/weeks. I really want to get back to posting often but that thing that is called real life is taking a toll on me; all is good, just super busy with my real job. This one is back from Abu Dhabi and it was across the very famous Sheikh Zayed mosque (I believe its currently the largest mosque in the world). A few minutes earlier when I was trying to photograph the mosque I was talked to by security, they didn’t want me to take pictures of that housing complex across the water but he was OK with me taking pictures of the mosque; I actually had to show him on my camera! The more I think about it its probably because that part of the world really likes to go all out when it comes to architecture, each housing complex has its own unique design and trademarks. Unlike North America where there are about 4-5 main builders with their own style that we just see over & over, so perhaps they didn’t want someone to copy the design?!?!

I saw these two chairs from a distance, we were just enjoying what was one of the last nice days of the year; the heat was about to step up a notch in that part of the world and luckily for me I escaped in time 🙂 Back to the chairs… I just ran quickly in between them, squatted and fired 3 brackets to create this HDR before security saw anything! Abu Dhabi has got a lot of cool architecture, I wish I spent more time photographing some of it but the biggest challenge is the Sky!! It is so BORING there, you can hardly get a cloud to show up so most of the time I wanted to fill the sky with something; I really tried here but its still bothering me how empty it is. I won’t complain about San Diego anymore 🙂


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