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Waiting for the bride & groom…

This one is from my trip to Trento, Italy in September of 2009. This was a really short trip, 5 days to attend one of my childhood friends wedding, we grew up together in Abu Dhabi and then lost touch for about 17 years or so until Facebook reconnected us!! Trento is small town in the northeast of Italy, its closest major Italian city would be Verona which is about an hour train ride. The beauty of cities like Trento is that you get the true Italian experience, the town has not lost its soul to tourism! Its like travelling to another time & place, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, not sure how to describe it but you feel like you are in Italy. When I was in Rome, Florence, Venice a few years back you can’t help but notice the commercialization of these cities!

I took this image when everyone started to head towards the church for the wedding ceremony. They rented this vintage car for the occasion and while waiting for them to come out I saw this and I just loved how the clouds where touching the mountains that morning with the car in the foreground. The lady that came out of the path kind of ruined it but its an image that takes me to a happy time and I thought I’d share; I’ve learned a lot on how to deal with people walking into the frame, with photography the learning curve never ends….


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  1. Hi, great photography, you have a very keen eye for just the right color exposures.

    August 20, 2011 at 6:59 pm