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Abu Dhabi Sunburst

Its been a few hot & humid days in San Diego which is not the norm, specially the humidity! All of this heat made me think of my time in the UAE, even though I was there before their “hot season” started it was definitely hot & muggy. This shot was taken at the Yas Marina which is the island that they hold the Formula 1 race at; we stepped out of the building for no more than 5 minutes so I (the tourist :)) can see more of the track. I snapped this image and a few more that I shared in a previous post.

As for the sunburst, how did I do that? Its really simple, you need to set a small aperture on your lens; I would say f/14 and above and you’ll get your sunburst. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to watch out for the sun flare created, you’ll have to adjust your angle/POV until you get the desired flare effect. I got lucky here because in a way I cheated: the sun is really peeking through the slits created by the architecture which helped eliminate any flare effect. Had I had the sun in clear sight I would expect a huge diagonal flare to come across from the top right to the lower left corner.


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  2. You do travel a lot ;)). I hope I will go someday to Saudi Arabia too. 😀

    December 5, 2011 at 9:55 am