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Another sunburst

Starting off this work week with a sunburst over our corporate headquarters. This is the building that I work at; overall I was told that we have 42 buildings and I suspect that one day my group will be relocated to another building since we are not customer facing. The dome that you see is our auditorium were we hold big group meetings and hold some major events; for example once a month we play a movie that every employee is invited to bring his family too (free of charge). Also during the FIFA world cup, they showed the semi-final matches live on the big screen which created a nice world cup atmosphere. Ahhhhhh, the little perks that make you enjoy working for your company 🙂 BTW, the reason the ground floor is so dark is because I took this image during the recent power outage we experienced in the southwest. Traffic was at a gridlock and since I had my camera on me I figured I’d walk around the campus take some pictures; do something I enjoy instead of sitting in my car frustrated by traffic 🙂 Have a great work wee everyone…


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  1. kingstar

    The photograph is good ,shoot it.

    October 8, 2011 at 5:51 pm