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Flying through

This is one of those shots that you just anticipate and hope that it works out for you; it worked out for me after 2 attempts this time but there were times were I would stand for minutes and never get it. This was my thought process: tilt the camera slightly to create the leading lines to take the viewer’s eye from left to right. I decided to go with a medium aperture (@ f/9) as the lighting was not the greatest (I bumped up my ISO to 1000) and I wanted to have a long depth of field; my camera meter said 1/8s as a shutter speed which I knew would create the ghosting effect. (Note: since I was using a wide angle lens @ 16mm, I knew that small motion in a distance will hardly blur, most of the blurring was going to happen in the foreground which is what I wanted)

Now that I had everything ready I was just waiting for the guest of honor to walk through my frame and luckily for me he did. What I love about this shot is the sign above his head that reads: “We can’t fly….” and if you look at his right foot its as if he’s floating on air 🙂 This was taken at LAX’s terminal 2 while waiting to board my flight back home for the holiday season.


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