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Green Flash Brewing Co.

A few days back I posted about a potential fad going on with food trucks in the south. In San Diego however, I’m sure there is an explosion of microbreweries at least it seems that way to me. There is a specific crowd that is drawn to them as there isn’t much there to do besides drink beer: the brewery just has a store front to serve beer and some memorabilia merchandise, thats it! I’m sure that they have some kind of deals with the food trucks to come by as they won’t be able to keep their customers for the night. Enough of my ramblings, on this particular day the sunset was too good to pass up. I had to put my beer down, grab my camera and take a few pictures to capture the amazing colors of that night specially the way it reflected on the glass.


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  1. Since you’re at the coast a lot, keep an eye out for the green flash. I’ve seen it twice, both times just in the past few years. I never knew what it was until just a few years ago.

    April 6, 2012 at 4:20 pm