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Update: iPod Nano recall

Alright folks, I’m really late on this but I thought I’d give an update on the 1st generation iPod nano recall that happened about 2 months ago; after all its my most popular search result from google!! The program is clouded with mystery: once you send the device back they notify you to check its status on the web in a couple of weeks to determine the outcome of the recall. After a couple of weeks the status was that the issue has been identified and a replacement “of equal value” will be sent if an exact match is not available. After a while (since I went on vacation) I finally received a small brown box with a brand new 8GB iPod nano! It wasn’t packaged or with any instructions or accessories, the headsets above are mine from another shuffle that I own. That is still some amazing customer service, after 5 years they still reached out and replaced a 4GB 1st generation nano for a brand new one that is double the size! I’m a happy customer 🙂


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