Photoblog by a proud citizen of planet earth

Los Angeles

On the deck

An image of the two lower level viewing decks in Griffith Observatory, there are another 2 levels that are above these two. The Hollywood hills are in the background with the famous Hollywood sign in the middle.



As we were walking out of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, I noticed what appears to be two siblings helping their mom walk down the stairs. I thought it was telling of the times and how the roles have been reversed as its time for the younger generation to take care of the one that raised them.

Control Tower

An image of the Air Traffic Control Tower in Los Angeles International Airport, famously known as LAX . According to 2011 statistics, LAX is the 3rd busiest airport in North America after Atlanta & Chicago; yes contrary to popular belief Atlanta not New York is the busiest airport in North America 🙂

Mystery Factory

A picture of the sunset over Redondo Beach’s yacht clubs. The factory in the middle of the image has been a mysterious factory for me. We rode our bikes there and there wasn’t a single sign that indicated what was going on inside, even google maps names every place around it but not it! Satellite view makes it look like a water/oil refinery?? I’m not sure what was going besides (more…)

Titanic Gift Shop

An image of Titanic gift shop in Venice Beach, located towards the northern end closer to Santa Monica. I took this image on the fly as I had already set my camera to auto bracket and the ISO pretty high as this was a handheld HDR. While processing the image I noticed the sign that asks for $1 donation for pictures which I never saw back then; I was focused on the whole store setup and not just the statue! Had I seen the sign I probably would not have paid to take this particular shot but if I was taking detailed pictures of the actual statue I think I would give them $5 :), would you have paid to take this image?

British Bulldog

While looking for a place to grab a bite at in Hermosa Beach, we saw this adorable little guy and we stopped for a few minutes to take pictures of him. There is something about the stance of a bulldog that is so authoritative, I love it 🙂

Here are a couple more images of the boss (more…)

Mt. Hollywood

An image of Mt. Hollywood taken from the back of the observation deck of Griffith observatory. The famous Hollywood sign is that white strip on the left, you can see the communication tower behind it on top of the mountain.

Lets Dance

Yet another mural from the wild world of Venice Beach; this one is a bunch of animals line dancing! I like how the artist generated a sense of motion to them by imposing the shapes on top of each other, sometimes it makes it hard on the eyes to focus!

End of the Day

Another image from Venice Beach, this was taken at the “north” end of Venice Beach towards Santa Monica. Not really sure if there weren’t any street merchants on the grass area because it was too far up north or if was just the end of their day.

Watching Time

A sundial at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the way it works is simple (its written on the plaque but I’ll save you the effort of zooming :))

In sun light the shadow of the wire indicates current watch time on the ring

I thought that young man looking at the sundial is fitting for how some of us will be watching the clock for the weekend to start. Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Gingerbread Court

Another image from the unique world of Venice Beach, California. This one is of a series of unique shops that created this very crowd drawing architecture; we just had to go inside but the stores weren’t anything memorable so I can’t tell you much more than that 🙂

Griffith Observatory

A full frontal view of the entrance to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Its located on top of Mt. Hollywood which will allow you to see the famous “Hollywood” sign and oddly for the city of Los Angeles; entrance and parking are free! There is a live show in the Planetarium however that does require cost $3-$7. We were heading to Venice Beach after so we didn’t have time to check out the show.

Muscle beach

The world infamous Muscle Beach gym in Venice Beach California, getting up close to it for the first time I was really excited to see what it looks like. Its exactly how the movies depict it, open and full of juice heads flexing their muscles 🙂 I probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions because I really don’t know what diet they are following but one would just assume there are some form of steroids involved because they are unnaturally large, every single one of them!
I love working out and I’m big advocate of going to the gym regularly, just do it naturally; it will take time to see results but they will be sustainable. One day, I will share my story here, one day…. 🙂

The world’s smallest front yard

Another image from the “unique” world of Venice Beach and you have to give it to this guy for the creativity. The front yard couldn’t have been more than 6 inches wide but he was confident enough to claim that he’s got the world’s smallest front yard!

The Path

If you ever wanted to get out of Griffith Observatory and wondered which road will take you out then there clearly is one sure bet 🙂 I’m not exactly sure but I believe this Normandie Ave. I just thought this illustrates the typical Californian city landscape: a lot of a low rise buildings/houses with a few business towers. This is a view of downtown Los Angeles.