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Orange County

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I thought I would enter the weekly photo challenge for the first time since I have something that fits the theme, this is the near taking a picture of the far 🙂 I saw this couple trying (more…)


Life is good

Its Friday, and this bench in San Clemente is a good reminder of something we often forget: Life is good… enjoy the ride 🙂

Blanket of clouds

Back in February I went to San Clemente with a friend of mine, neither of us have been and we decided to check it out and while at it take some pictures. One of the main photography objectives for me was to take a shot from under the Pier around sunset! Out of the blue a blanket of grey clouds came from the pacific and I knew that opportunity was gone. We decided to call it the day and head back to the car, as we were heading up the hill I turned around for a last view of the Pier and saw the blanket of clouds and I had to take a picture 🙂

Community Center

Another image from the archives, this is an image that I took during our short visit to San Clemente. This is their community center, what really caught my attention was the red toy on the lawn as I thought it would make the composition a lot more interesting. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend 🙂


Southern California is infamous for its great weather and the beautiful scenery; our winters are hardly cold compared to the rest of the country ~ 65F/18C which is hardly cold! Needless to say, patios are considered prime property, here is a restuarant from San Clemente that has its Patio full on a cold day for the locals… it was around 50F/10C!!!

Royal Poinciana

A picture of a Royal Poinciana tree in San Clemente from our day trip back in February of this year. Thanks to google I was able to do a search with the image to figure out the name of the tree and from there I was able to look up what I wanted to find out about it. It originally came from (more…)

The future

I thought this quote was appropriate to start the work week 🙂

The past can’t see you, but the future is listening.

~Terri Guillemets

Boutique Gardens

The Humble Abode Boutique Gardens in San Clemente, California. We were looking for a coffee shop as the wind was starting to pick up around sunset and the tree at the main entrance caught our attention, it looked like a gigantic bonsai tree 🙂 I thought the whole shop looked straight out of a novel with the inviting & highlighted pathway to the front door.

Peaking Through

One of those really colorful sunsets at Laguna Beach, we were just walking back to our cars and my friend told me to look back through the trees and look at the sunset. The camera was already on me so it was just a matter of taking an image of all that great sunset, luckily there was also a little break in the cloud for the sun to peak through which gave the image an anchor compared to blanket of grey across the horizon! Anyway, I hope you that you like the final product 🙂


Everything in Moderation… not much more to add to it 🙂

Train track

An image of the train tracks of San Clemente train station. I spent quite a bit of time composing this image and trying to find the “right” height to shoot from, what I was going for was the tracks to ascend into the horizon while the palm trees descende into it forming a meeting spot at the bridge. I hope you enjoy today’s image.

Time Up

Its Friday and for most of us its time clock out and enjoy the weekend. Happy Friday 🙂

Trouble in Paradise

Have you had recent troubles in your little paradise? Well…. you’re not alone, even pigeons get to have their love quarrels. If you saw the complete interaction you could see that he was attempting to communicate with her and she wasn’t giving him the time. Poor guy!

Walking into the Abyss

This is one of those images that turn out better than you expect, I exposed for the girl’s green top and knew that I was going to blow out the background but didn’t think that I would still keep a few elements of the Pier. It gave the feeling that they were walking into infinity, hence the title 🙂


This caught my eye as soon as we walked by it in San Clemente, it created an optical illusion of one gate after another but if you look really closely there are only two gates: one at each end of the alley! In a very abstract way this symbolizes how some of us tackle life, we all have these hurdles that can’t seem to clear but if we clear our mind there are very far & few in between that need to be climbed, the rest are just an illusion that we fabricated 🙂