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Laguna Beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I thought I would enter the weekly photo challenge for the first time since I have something that fits the theme, this is the near taking a picture of the far 🙂 I saw this couple trying (more…)


Peaking Through

One of those really colorful sunsets at Laguna Beach, we were just walking back to our cars and my friend told me to look back through the trees and look at the sunset. The camera was already on me so it was just a matter of taking an image of all that great sunset, luckily there was also a little break in the cloud for the sun to peak through which gave the image an anchor compared to blanket of grey across the horizon! Anyway, I hope you that you like the final product 🙂

Watching a colorful sunset

Watching a colorful sunset in Laguna Beach

They say that no two sunsets are the same and the more I photograph them the more I tend to agree with that! This one was definitely a colorful one full of orange and red hues, I caught a dog owner admiring the scenery and I thought they’d make for a more interesting image 🙂 This was taken at Laguna Beach back in November of last year.

Laguna Beach Historic Lifeguard tower

Lifeguard tower

Laguna Beach’s historic Lifeguard tower, I found this little write up about it here:

…. The Main Beach Lifeguard Tower is a treasured Laguna Beach icon, and many claim it is the most photographed and painted structure in Southern California. The tower is a locally significant structure not only to Laguna’s artists but also to local historic preservationists.

In the 1930s, the city took an old tower from a nearby filling station and moved it to the community’s main beach to create a two-story lifeguard tower. Following a major renovation in the early 1970s, the lifeguards have handled most of the tower’s day-to-day maintenance. By the late 1990s, city officials began to recognize that the tower needed another major renovation….

Calling it the day

I took this image a few weeks back in Laguna beach. It was one of those magical November days in Souther California, the temperature during the day was mid 80s(F)/30s(C) which was just incredible. To no surprise, everyone headed to the beach for the day to soak up the sun. However as soon as the sun started to set, the temperature was dropping exponentially and what you see is the mad rush to head home. In the span of 20 minutes it went from a gorgeous day to “lets hurry up and call it the day”! The sunset after was just magical, unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod on me and I was really cold so I wasn’t going to enjoy my time 🙂

Waving Flag

Waving Flag on top of Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach

I haven’t been to Laguna beach in a long time, yesterday I paid a visit to my friend who is visiting herself. Spent most of the day shooting her baby and catching up but I snuck a couple of pics this beautiful town and this is the first. In my opinion the two must see beaches of Southern California are La Jolla & Laguna Beach in that order; maybe I’m biased but thats what I would recommend 🙂 The other famous beaches draw crowds for the attractions and not the scenery like the two that I’m recommending.


A dog is a man’s best friend, in this case putts is a woman’s best friend. I actually met the owner because putts came running towards us years back at Laguna beach when we were playing beach volleyball. He’s a great and friendly dog, looks mean but all soft on the inside. More often than not he’s in the above pose watching whats going, when required though he’ll intervene 🙂

This was taken back in May when we were hanging out almost at the same spot we all met, the wind was blowing and I thought I’d snap a couple of pics of the little fella 🙂 (more…)