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Beer, Escondido, Food Truck, HDR, Hoangies Banh Mi on Wheels, Micro Brewery, San Diego, The Lost Abbey

A Picture of Hoangie’s food truck that serves Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) on the go, they are actually quite highly rated so maybe I should’ve given them a try. I took this picture outside of The Lost Abbey while touring San Diego’s North county microbreweries.

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Ferrari F430

Beer, Car, F430, Ferrari, Ferrari F430, HDR, Micro Brewery, San Diego

A parked Ferrari at the Stone Brewing Company, this is the the F430 Spyder. The F430 was produced from 2004 to 2009, its the predecessor was the 360 and it was later on replaced by the 458 Italia.

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458 Italia

Car, Ferrari 458 Italia, HDR
This a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia that we saw parked on the street, a few seconds after taking this handheld HDR a Bentley parked behind the Ferrari! Little kids ran towards the car and started looking inside so we asked the driver if it was his and he said it was his buddy’s car and he had just bought a few hours ago. Must be nice 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

C300, Driver Seat, Mercedes, Mercedes Interior, Mine, Weekly Photo Challenge, postaday

Here is my entry for this week’s weekly photo Challenge, the driver’s seat of my car (Mercedes C300). I’ve been thinking about selling it for a while and I’m leaning heavily to do so by the end of the year… You see I got this car when I first moved out to California because as soon as you move south of the border car prices start to drop ~ 30% so a lot of cars become instantly affordable! Four years into my California experience I’m starting to think that this car is not for me, don’t get me wrong I love how it runs and how reliable it is but everything else that comes with it; is not me! Life has been really good to me, I don’t worry about making two ends meet but I haven’t forgotten my humble beginnings, wealth (and happiness) is about the life experiences we build not the material we own & display! I’m not sure how long I will own this car for, but for now its still “mine”…. 🙂

Built Ford Tough (Pt. II)

Ford F-150, Truck, Composite, Diptych, Built Ford Tough

Here is the 2nd instalment from the photo shoot that I did for my colleague’s brand new F-150. This set is what I call the detailed shots setup in composites and one diptych. Here are (more…)

Built Ford Tough (Pt. I)

Ford F-150, Truck, HDR, Car, Built Ford Tough

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, life, school, work and all of that good stuff is catching up to me. I’m in my last semester in grad school and things are in full drive, I hope to keep this post a day thing going but if not I’ll try to keep it as close as possible to that. Anyway enough about me, here are some picture of my colleagues (more…)

Austin Healey

The Austin Healey was back again but this time it was a lot more accessible to take pictures of. Since I took a few of them I thought I’d put a composite of this timeless classic. Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Mini Cooper

After having lunch with my colleagues a while back, I saw this mini cooper on our way back to the cars. It was quite shiny and I think partly the red that made me take a picture 🙂

SUV with a spark

This is my friend’s SUV, we stopped for a coffee break and the thing to do in Mississauga is hang out at the parking lots of donut shops! I saw the sun setting behind the car and tried to give it a bit of spark. Happy Friday 🙂

I’m a 60

The licence plate says it all, however I’m having trouble identifying the car. Can anyone chime in? Our work parking lot can be quite a car show at times and this is one of the few stars that makes a guest appearance once in a while 🙂

Mercedes Benz

An iconic symbol that is probably recognized all around the globe; there are numerous global brands today but the automotive industry were one of the pioneers of globalization!

Speaking of quality of light on a post from a few days ago, I was coming back to my car from shooting airplanes landing in San Diego’s airport and I noticed these interesting shadows created on the hood of my car. Instead of packing up my gear, I just setup in front of my car and tried to be get a shot that was dead center with emblem being the only thing in focus.

Smart Car

A Smart Car parked on the streets of downtown San Diego. Smart cars are practical for city life but I wouldn’t recommend one if you have use the freeway regularly just for safety reason. For example, vehicles in North America are generally larger than compared to Europe.


This Bentley was parked in the same spot for 10 days in a row, it was just left out in the open to collect dust! During my visit to Abu Dhabi, I saw it everyday on my way out and even at one point I took a picture of the car with garbage around it. I thought this picture would do the car more justice so I’m sharing it instead.

Modern day classic

This is the original Acura NSX which is no longer in production. I believe recently Acura announced that they are reviving the line again but obviously the car will have a newer look & design, not sure of the exact dates though! This car reminds me of the times right when I was getting my drivers license, we had a guy in our neighbourhood with a red one and we all used to drool over it 🙂
I saw this one parked in Bird Rock which (more…)


Here’s a close up of a Maserati that I saw while walking around La Jolla. I was trying to convey how we always want something so badly but once we have it we take it for granted; look at all that dust on top of the trunk! Not much more to say 🙂