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United Lounge

Airport, Airport Lounge, HDR, United Club, United Lounge, Washington Dulles Aiport

An image of the United Club (airport lounge) in Washington Dulles Airport, its almost the weekend and we all need a break specially moi. You see my alarm went off yesterday (Thursday) morning and I went to turn off while thinking whats wrong with it? why is it going off on a Saturday?! I kept on looking at my phone and it clearly said its Thursday, I started to track back my life and see where I lost track of things: it was Wednesday night passing out on the couch while watching TV! This is not that unusual for me (losing track of time), I go through these kind of moments a couple of times a year and its usually when my energy tank is almost empty. Looking forward to recharging but to put things in perspective I’m alive and loving it, can’t really complain much… Happy Friday everyone 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

C300, Driver Seat, Mercedes, Mercedes Interior, Mine, Weekly Photo Challenge, postaday

Here is my entry for this week’s weekly photo Challenge, the driver’s seat of my car (Mercedes C300). I’ve been thinking about selling it for a while and I’m leaning heavily to do so by the end of the year… You see I got this car when I first moved out to California because as soon as you move south of the border car prices start to drop ~ 30% so a lot of cars become instantly affordable! Four years into my California experience I’m starting to think that this car is not for me, don’t get me wrong I love how it runs and how reliable it is but everything else that comes with it; is not me! Life has been really good to me, I don’t worry about making two ends meet but I haven’t forgotten my humble beginnings, wealth (and happiness) is about the life experiences we build not the material we own & display! I’m not sure how long I will own this car for, but for now its still “mine”…. 🙂

King of the Pool

You can be the King of Pool and have all the privacy you desire or you can just take a single and be one of us regular people 🙂 Another image from the swimming pool at my building complex, the hot weather is back in San Diego after a five day absence so expecting this to be packed again. I took this back on a cold day when I knew no one would be there, when the weather is nice you’ll find people sometimes sitting there and reading a book without jumping in the pool specially on weekdays! Some of the perks of living in a city with such a nice climate.

Piano Room

At the mansion

I’ve been wanting to photograph the piano room in my building complex in California but I’ve been too lazy to walk down and do the pictures! However the one time that I did go the room, it was reserved for a private party! This is the Piano room in my parents condominium in Mississauga, this will have to do until I provide the Californian version 🙂

Traders Office


Over the holidays my younger brother had to run into the office to pick up his laptop and while he was at it, he gave us a tour of the office. The furniture is of high quality in my opinion so I don’t mind the open office concept as you still get that hot shot feeling 🙂 but what really makes up for it is the view! If my memory serves me correctly he’s on the 33rd floor looking south onto Toronto’s downtown core. I will share the view in some other post, it was quite cloudy that day so not the greatest picture and on top of that it was shot through glass!

Empty Station

This was a terminal’s ATS (Airport Transit System) station at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Its the best and fastest way to get from one terminal to the other if you have connecting flights that go through different terminals. For this shot, I sped ahead of everyone coming down the escalator while the station was still empty, I had a few seconds before it got really crowded.

The living room

The living room of the two most important people in my life, the two people I credit most for setting me in the right path: my parents 🙂

Main Lobby

The reception desk in the main lobby of my workplace. Typically this area has a lot traffic through it: at times you’ll see the filming of some corporate communication video, an event to welcome to employees, seminar/presentation as the auditorium is behind the right wall, and these type of activities. This was taken late on the day that we lost power hence the yellowish cast from the setting sun.

We have a winner

A few weeks back I shared a few shots I did for a friend of mine who is an interior designer. While she did the “design” of the house, me & her husband were taking pictures for her to use in her portfolio. Even though I’m a few weeks late (blame it on being over worked :)), she was just recently awarded the 2011 “Emerging Designer of the Year” award by the American Society of Interior Designers – Orange County. So I just wanted to dedicate this post to her and say Congrats Lynsey, please make sure that you check out her website

Here is the full set that I provided for her to choose from: (more…)


These are some of the “extras” from the interior shoot that I did a few days ago for my friends. These shots were flagged as secondary choices if the requested shots didn’t come out; it took me a really long time to get to these as I’ve been really busy with the thing that pays the bills in my life 🙂 I’m lucky to enjoy what I do and then have a hobby that I enjoy even more. Hope to return to more regular posts soon…