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Scripps Pier

La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, Landscape, San Diego, Scripps Pier, sunset

Yesterday’s post was about Pacific Beach’s Pier and today’s post is just a few miles further north, Scripps Pier in La Jolla. This pier unlike the others in San Diego, is not open to the public but is mostly used for research by UCSD; to be more specific its part of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP).

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Stroll on the beach

Beach, HDR, Pacfic Beach, Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach Pier, San Diego, sunburst

An image of people taking a stroll on the sands of Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach’s Pier is quite unique, as you can see the first portion of the pier is made of chalets which is part of a hotel. That is the Crystal Pier Hotel, the link will take you to an image of the entrance.

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Setting the path

HDR, La Jolla Cove, La Jollla, San Diego, sunset
The sun has set a very clear path down the ocean on where its going to set from that day and I tried to get it right down the middle of the stairs as if its inviting you chase it down the ocean 🙂 Have a great hump day.

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Silky waters

La Jolla Cove, La Jollla, Neutral Density Filter, San Diego, Silky Water

A picture of La Jolla cove from children’s pool beach. Since the sun was still out and it was bright no matter how low I bumped my ISO and how small I set my aperture I couldn’t get the shutter slow enough to smooth out the water. I had to use my variable neutral density filter (which acts like a pair of sunglasses) to get the silky waters effect. In essence, the filter blocks the amount of light the sensor sees and the the shutter will remain open for a longer period to allow for a correct exposure; and this will get you the silky water effect 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Big Rock, La Jolla Cove, La Jollla, San Diego, silhouette, sunset, Weekly Photo Challenge, Negative Tide Pools

Here is a silhouette from the negative tide pools at La Jolla Cove from last Wednesday. Little did we know we had a spectacular sunset in store for us that day, I could’ve sworn I overheard someone mention that you always get amazing sunsets when you have negative tides! Can anyone confirm if this is a fact or myth?

Watching the show

Last night’s sunset was epic! Nature put on quite a show; within a span of half an hour the sky changed so many colors, it was incredible. A time-lapse would’ve been a lot more appropriate than this HDR but this was towards the last fifteen minutes where the sky went from yellow to orange to red. Here is an an instagram picture that I took with my phone without applying any filters about 10 minutes after taking the brackets above. Just look at all these people just staring the sunset, there were so many more above from (more…)

Setting up the shot

HDR, La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, Landscape, San Diego, sunset, Pacific Ocean

I haven’t done a sunset shot in a long time, at least it feels like it to me. This was this past Saturday’s sunset at La Jolla shores, I took a stroll down to the beach just to enjoy the warm days as they haven’t left Southern California yet. I was wrapping up my shots for the day and I saw this photographer working with a couple and trying to setup the shot for them; I decided to take a picture of them 🙂

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Clouds, HDR, Landscape, Mississauga

A view of downtown Mississauga from my cousin’s balcony, this view was synonymous with this summer’s vacation as we typically started off the day by having a coffe in the balcony while making plans for the rest of the day. At least its the weekend and the weather is nice 🙂

The view

Cityscape, CN Tower, Downtown Toronto, Rogers Center, skyline, Toronto

This is a view of Toronto from one of my best friend’s balcony. He just recently moved out of that apartment and I thought I’d post this image that I took from one of my last visits to his place. It was a great view specially with how dynamic the weather is in Toronto, in this occasion it was a break in the clouds from what later became heavy Thunderstorms.

Entrance & the Tower

This is the “Entrance” to the south side of the University of Toronto’s main campus, where the Engineering buildings reside and right in between the two poles is the CN Tower. I like how the University has closed the “inside” of the campus to cars and made it just accessible by foot.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I thought I would enter the weekly photo challenge for the first time since I have something that fits the theme, this is the near taking a picture of the far 🙂 I saw this couple trying (more…)

On the deck

An image of the two lower level viewing decks in Griffith Observatory, there are another 2 levels that are above these two. The Hollywood hills are in the background with the famous Hollywood sign in the middle.

Students Union

This is an image of the University of Toronto’s Students Union headquarters which is located at 12 Hart House Circle. The street loops around to the building across on the left which has an athletic center in its basement that is commonly known around campus as Hart House.

Between the trees

Yet another sunset image from San Diego, this one was taken in Mission bay where the sun was setting right in between the trees. Obviously my placement played in role in that but who’s keeping track 🙂

Overlooking the city

An image of downtown San Diego taken from Balboa Park (the very south end of it). The bridge that is to the left is crossing over Interstate-5 which runs all the way from Mexico to Canada!