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As we were walking out of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, I noticed what appears to be two siblings helping their mom walk down the stairs. I thought it was telling of the times and how the roles have been reversed as its time for the younger generation to take care of the one that raised them.


A Sea hunter

This is an image of Mike Fletcher, the diver from the Discovery Channel’s show Sea Hunters. I was sitting at the airport bar watching the Olympics until I had to board my first flight to make way back to San Diego; a gentlemen asked me if I didn’t mind him sitting in the chair beside me and I obviously said no so he sat there and we started to chat about the differences between Canadian beer and American beer and why light beer seems to sell the US yet it hardly exists in Canada! While we were chatting I thought he looked familiar but (more…)

Picnic at the Bay

Once a year our huge IT group has a team building event; for the last 2 years its been held at Mission Bay. Last year I just happened to have my camera on me and I volunteered to take some picture of the event, after that I was asked to be the official photographer of the event this year and I couldn’t have been happier 🙂 The whole idea behind the even is to spend half a day at the bay doing a BBQ, playing games and socializing. Consider how huge our group is there is an actual even planning group that takes care of this: they setup all the events for the day to make sure that there is something for everyone. (more…)

Happy Father’s Day

Today is Father’s day in North America, not sure if the rest of the world celebrates on the same day if at all! This is a portait of my father that I took back in Christmas.
Like many, I attribute a lot of what is good in me to my parents, they sacrificed a lot in our upbringing and I’m just glad that I got old enough to understand and appreciate what they’ve done for us (me & my brothers). Just wanted to wish a happy Father’s day to all the great dad’s out there, specially though to my own hero, my father 🙂

Adios Amigos

Today is an end of an era, my cousin’s time in the US is up as he leaves San Diego for good. He is heading back home to Sweden after earning his Bachelors in Business, I always knew he’d leave after graduating but I was hoping he would stick around for a bit longer. This is a portrait of him this past weekend, it was his last day at my place so I let him smoke indoors 🙂 To tell the truth I’ve had this shot in mind for a long time and I procrastinated for too long, I left it until the very last day and I had to go with a quick setup. Anyway, he’ll be missed and I wish him the very best in his future in Sweden…

A Night at Lestat’s

Last Wednesday night, a colleague of mine invited me to come out and shoot her band while they were performing at a local coffee shop. Lestat’s coffee house is a traditional European-style coffee house with an emphasis in entertainment, its located in the heart of university heights (San Diego). I’ve never shot anything like this and I knew I was in for a challenge, I did some reading prior to going and I also had the fortune of experimenting while the bands were warming up as I was allowed in before the crowds and that was really helpful so thank you Lestat 🙂 The biggest challenge when shooting a concert/band is (more…)

Walking into the Abyss

This is one of those images that turn out better than you expect, I exposed for the girl’s green top and knew that I was going to blow out the background but didn’t think that I would still keep a few elements of the Pier. It gave the feeling that they were walking into infinity, hence the title 🙂

Flying through

This is one of those shots that you just anticipate and hope that it works out for you; it worked out for me after 2 attempts this time but there were times were I would stand for minutes and never get it. This was my thought process: tilt the camera slightly to create the leading lines to take the viewer’s eye from left to right. I decided to go with a medium aperture (@ f/9) as the lighting was not the greatest (I bumped up my ISO to 1000) and I wanted to have a long depth of field; my camera meter said 1/8s as a shutter speed which I knew would create the ghosting effect. (Note: since I was using a wide angle lens @ 16mm, I knew that small motion in a distance will hardly blur, most of the blurring was going to happen in the foreground which is what I wanted) (more…)

Temple Grandin

On Tuesday, my company invited Temple Grandin to give a speech by the title of “Different Kinds of Minds”. Every couple of months we invite someone to talk about a topic that employees might find interesting. This by far was my favorite presentation, but then again, I don’t go often.

For those of you that don’t know who Temple is, she was made famous (more…)


Its that time of the year where everyone dresses up and gets to be a child all over again, still not sure who is having more fun; the adults or the kids?! Regardless, its an opportunity to take some pictures of these wacky costumes. All these images where taken at a work event… (more…)

La Jolla Boardwalk

Even though the tourist season is over, the summer hasn’t really ended in San Diego and looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week its not ending soon either. This is the boardwalk at La Jolla Shores taken back in August, I love those tall palm trees!

Reflection in the sand

Taken at La Jolla Shores


While walking on the ocean beach pier my cousin yelled: “Look! Look!” and I saw this fisherman catch a stingray. I was trying to capture candids of the people that walk the pier but I thought this would be more interesting so I ran to him and asked if I could take pictures. He tried to pose with the stingray 🙂 and thats when I told him to do whatever he has to do and pretend I’m not there. (more…)

When in OB…

Yesterday, me & my cousin decided to check out the annual OTL(Over-The-Line) tournament that is held at Mission Beach, San Diego. I was told that I should at least check out once since I live here, its an event not to miss out. From my understanding its a real “fun” tournament that people get out of whack for, generally they have outrageous costumes and just less loose; I thought it would be a good photo opportunity, I like taking candid photos of colorful/expressive people. We decided to go around 4pm, any earlier the light would be too harsh and the images would washed out, but one thing (more…)


I was sitting on the ledge trying to frame an image that shows “traffic” on Torrey Pines Rd, what I really had in mind is those stock images you see in offices that say: Intensity, Determination, Road to Success, etc… I framed the cyclist into the foreground and I must’ve subconsciously notified him of me taking the picture or something because he came back from the other side of the road and asked me to share the image with him. Unfortunately I forgot my wallet at home so I couldn’t give him one of my mini-cards, he had to memorize the address and I promised that I would share it tonight, here it is 🙂