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Corporate Bully

Absract, Door, Gate, HDR, San FranciscoIf you’d like to buy a print of the image above click here or on the image itself

**** Update: After a week of playing hard ball with me, in less than 24 hrs of posting this post it was finally removed. I don’t how but maybe social media does work 🙂

Yesterday’s post was about what makes me happy but today’s post is about something that is making me angry! I’m definitely feeling like a small man knocking on the bully’s door and he is refusing to acknowledge me… you’ll notice that I’m adding a little blurb under my images because of this incident. Here is what is going on, sometime last week I wanted to try the google search by images feature by using one of my own (more…)


Back to the grind

Absract, Beer, Micro Brewery, San Diego, Sign, Stone Brewery, Stone Brewing Company, Working Hours

The sign of the operating hours at the Stone Brewing company. Luckily the majority of us don’t have to work 11 hour days, but its Monday and for most its time to get back to the grind. Enjoy the working week 🙂

Beer Bottles

Absract, Beer, Beer Bottles, Lost Abbey, Micro Brewery, San Diego, San Marcos

Spent yesterday touring the micro breweries in San Diego’s North County with a friend of mine; all in all we stopped at four different breweries and we took a tour at the last one. This particular image is of the layout of the “store” at the Lost Abbey which was our second stop. At the end I found it to be quite an informative day for me about the beer making process and what makes the flavours in them. Enjoy the last day of the weekend 🙂

Fire hose Connection

Just a fire hose connection from a high rise in downtown Toronto. The funny thing that I remember about this image is that there were two guys smoking outside and they saw me take the image and they looked at me as if I was mad. Not sure if its because of the subject or because I leaned down to get to take this at eye level.


It seems that every time I turn on the radio the song “Payphone” by Maroon 5 comes on. Today’s post will be of a payphone before they become a thing of the past, this one even had a phonebook attached to it; now that is a piece of history 🙂