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Camp One Iron Ring

Abstract, Camp One Iron Ring, Iron Ring, U of T, University of Toronto

An image of the Camp One Iron Ring office at the University of Toronto which is the office that manages the replacement of lost rings. The office had an old feel to it and since it brought back so many memories I decided to go with the sepia look. If you’d like to know more about the iron (more…)


Looking through

Abstract, City, Glenholme Ave & Earlsdale Ave, Toronto

A rainy day in Toronto.

TTC Subway

Abstract, Subway, TTC, TTC Subway Sign

TTC Subway Entrance at Yonge & Bloor Intersection (Northeast)

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Crazy 8

Abstract, Crazy 8, Lottery Ticket, Scratch & Win Ticket

Crazy 8 Scratch & Win Ticket sold in Ontario, Canada.

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Abstract, Abu Dhabi, Symmetry, Tunnel, UAE

A section of an underground tunnel in Abu Dhabi’s corniche.

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Customer Service

Abstract, B&W, black & white, Customer Service, monochrome, Washington Dulles Aiport

One of the many customer service booths setup by United in Washington/Dulles Airport. I took this shot on my way back to San Diego after spending my summer vacation with my family up in Toronto, I could definitely use another trip to visit the family!

Drops of rain

Summer is coming to an end to most of the country and there are probably only a handful of barbecue weekends left. This is a picture from a family BBQ that we had in Toronto, my older brother was a great host as he prepared all the food for us under the rain.

Wine Wednesday

Its Wednesday, perhaps open a bottle of wine? 🙂

Water fountain

The water fountains at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.


The Departures board at Pearson International Airport (Toronto)

Gas Meters

To the best of my knowledge most of the Northern Hemisphere has experienced a hotter than usual summer season, matter of fact some areas had record breaking temperatures recorded. With that comes extra energy consumption since more people are turning on their air conditioning on. Don’t worry, the energy companies have their meters on and recording every KWh that you are consuming, you’re bill will soon reflect it 😉

Life is good

Its Friday, and this bench in San Clemente is a good reminder of something we often forget: Life is good… enjoy the ride 🙂


A locked bicycle at the intersection of Draper & Pearl in La Jollal

Our Universities

No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows.
~J. Robert Oppenheimer

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big advocate of education and I’m actually working on my grad degree. I just agree with the quote, the more I know the more I know there is more to know 🙂


24 – March – 2012
24 hrs per day
24 Knights on a chessboard
24 is Kobe Bryant’s number (Picture was taken in LA :))
24 meters is the standard length of a slinky toy!
24 was a famous TV series (is it still going on??)
Anything you would like to add to this? 🙂