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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Airport, black & white, monochrome, Symmetry, movator, moving walkway, Toronto Pearson Airport

This week’s photo challenge is about something that is Big; larger than life. Here is the biggest terminal (Terminal 1) in the biggest airport in Canada (Toronto’s Pearson International). This is just a portion of the US side of the terminal, there is an international side of the terminal and the reason for this is because you clear US customs in most Canadian Airports. Technically this picture was taken in an area that is under US law which makes arriving at your destination a much more convenient process; since you’ve already gone through the hassle of clearing customs you just pick up your luggage and go.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Airport, Collage, Flying, Plane, Weekly Photo Challenge

For this week’s photo challenge, the theme is happy and one of things that really makes me happy is travelling. In last week’s entry, I mentioned that life experiences is what I seek and for me there is no better life experience than travelling and seeing what this beautiful planet has to offer. The destination is not as important, there is something about getting on a plane and landing in a whole different city and potentially culture in a few hours; its a very humbling experience, it puts the things that real matter in life in perspective, and that just makes me happy… 🙂

United Lounge

Airport, Airport Lounge, HDR, United Club, United Lounge, Washington Dulles Aiport

An image of the United Club (airport lounge) in Washington Dulles Airport, its almost the weekend and we all need a break specially moi. You see my alarm went off yesterday (Thursday) morning and I went to turn off while thinking whats wrong with it? why is it going off on a Saturday?! I kept on looking at my phone and it clearly said its Thursday, I started to track back my life and see where I lost track of things: it was Wednesday night passing out on the couch while watching TV! This is not that unusual for me (losing track of time), I go through these kind of moments a couple of times a year and its usually when my energy tank is almost empty. Looking forward to recharging but to put things in perspective I’m alive and loving it, can’t really complain much… Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Control Tower

An image of the Air Traffic Control Tower in Los Angeles International Airport, famously known as LAX . According to 2011 statistics, LAX is the 3rd busiest airport in North America after Atlanta & Chicago; yes contrary to popular belief Atlanta not New York is the busiest airport in North America 🙂

Flying through

This is one of those shots that you just anticipate and hope that it works out for you; it worked out for me after 2 attempts this time but there were times were I would stand for minutes and never get it. This was my thought process: tilt the camera slightly to create the leading lines to take the viewer’s eye from left to right. I decided to go with a medium aperture (@ f/9) as the lighting was not the greatest (I bumped up my ISO to 1000) and I wanted to have a long depth of field; my camera meter said 1/8s as a shutter speed which I knew would create the ghosting effect. (Note: since I was using a wide angle lens @ 16mm, I knew that small motion in a distance will hardly blur, most of the blurring was going to happen in the foreground which is what I wanted) (more…)

Troubled Times

Everywhere we look we are reminded of the tough economic times that the globe is experiencing. This was taken at San Diego’s International Airport, which according to my knowledge is the busiest one runway airport in North America! Its sad to see all these gates closed but this is a phase in a cycle and hopefully the good time are just around the corner…

One last look

This was taken at Chicago’s O’Hare International airport back in April of this year. The gates were full of passengers waiting to board the plane so I decided to walk around, after all I had a 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi and I was really stressing over how to kill the time. It was also interesting to think that in 14 hours I will move a day in a completely different continent, different country, different time zone; I had to take one last look at North America before I left 🙂