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Balboa Park Activity Center

Arches, Architecture, B&W, Balboa Park, Balboa Park Activity Center, black & white, monochrome, San Diego

I really wanted to do an HDR of this image and I actually started out by doing so but after looking at what was really going on I didn’t think it was fitting or at least I didn’t like it. The place looks deserted and hasn’t been used in quite some time, the sign that says “Balboa Park Activity Center” has gunk on it! I thought the monochrome was more fitting for the scene.


Not quite the Arc de Triomphe in Paris but these are the arches that lead you from one building to the other in my housing/condominium complex. I find that each condominium complex our my area to be taking a theme of one of the European cities. Most have taken an Italian/French theme and mine I think has more of a French influence?!?! Anyway one of the things that I look for is symmetry, maybe its the Engineer in me but I’m really drawn to these kind of compositions. This is not the most perfectly symmetrical shape but its close enough 🙂