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University College

Architecture, HDR, U of T, University College, University of Toronto, Founding college of the University of Toronto

University College is a constituent college of the University of Toronto. It was founded in 1853 and considered by many as the founding college of the University of Toronto.


Convocation Hall

Architecture, Convocation Hall, HDR, U of T, University of Toronto

This is the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall where every year the new graduating class holds their commencement ceremony at, due to the size of the University now the ceremonies are broken down by faculties for the most part and for (more…)

Campus Extension

Architecture, HDR, La Jolla, La Jolla Shores, Landscape, San Diego, sunset, UCSD

A part of the UCSD campus around the La Jolla Scripps Pier, this is most probably used by the research staff & graduate students of the university.

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Victorian Architecture

Architecture, Cityscape, Downtown Toronto, HDR, Toronto, Victorian Arhcitecture If you’d like to buy a print of the image above click here or on the image itself

Victorian Architecture is very prevalent in downtown Toronto and thats probably due to the fact that Canada was a British Colony until it obtained its independence from Great Britian (not sure exactly when but I think its sometime in the last 20-30 years). This particular image is on the Northern edge of the University of Toronto Campus (Bloor St.), typically this is a very crowded area during the day and this was right after lunch time. I stood there for a while until I could get a “clear” view, sometimes photography is about practicing your patience 🙂

As an update to yesterday’s post, (more…)

Balboa Park Activity Center

Arches, Architecture, B&W, Balboa Park, Balboa Park Activity Center, black & white, monochrome, San Diego

I really wanted to do an HDR of this image and I actually started out by doing so but after looking at what was really going on I didn’t think it was fitting or at least I didn’t like it. The place looks deserted and hasn’t been used in quite some time, the sign that says “Balboa Park Activity Center” has gunk on it! I thought the monochrome was more fitting for the scene.

Underground Parking

Architecture, HDR, U of T, Underground Parking, University of Toronto

Another image from my walk around the University of Toronto (U of T) campus, this one is of an underground parking. What I found interesting is how the ramp divides the new vs the old; I graduated from U of T back in 2000 and the school that I graduated from looked a lot more like the old buildings on the right! It has gone through a lot of change since then but they still managed to keep the historic look/feel to the campus which I like.

Sky is the limit

Architecture, building, HDR, Looking Up, Sky is the limit, Toronto

A little bit of inspiration to end the working week with, one of favorite quotes of all time: “Live the phrase: sky is the limit”. For me, the beauty in life is not in reaching the goals that you have set but the journey that one embarks on to attain them. Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Innis Residence

An image of the Innis College Residence at the University of Toronto. Considering that the University of Toronto was founded in 1827 its pretty obvious that is one of the more modern residences on campus, back when I was enrolled there in the mid to late 90’s this was the hottest residence to get into. I on the other hand, commuted everyday from my parents house so I never got the residence experience and to be honest I’m not sure if I missed out!

Come on in!

A building on the University of Toronto Campus, most buildings are identified on campus with some sign but this had no form of identification. The moody sky sure does make it inviting though 😉

Students Union

This is an image of the University of Toronto’s Students Union headquarters which is located at 12 Hart House Circle. The street loops around to the building across on the left which has an athletic center in its basement that is commonly known around campus as Hart House.

Vacation Rentals

Based on the sign I’m assuming this is a leasing office for vacation rentals, it was quite an interesting structure in the heart of Pacific Beach. With the end of the summer holidays I’m sure they are going to see a dip in business, I know it will be easier to park around the beaches in a couple of weeks 🙂


This is the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), Canada’s largest museum of world culture and natural history which is located in downtown Toronto. It is one of North America’s largest museums as it welcomes over a million visitors a year. It has more than six million items and around forty galleries with its most popular attraction probably being the dinosaur exhibit which is a huge hit with the kids.

Bella Capri

Bella Capri is a retail center that is located near downtown La Jolla; it houses 7 stores on the ground floor and some 20 upscale residential units on the 2nd floor. According to their website this whole complex was renovated back in 2005 and all residential units have been sold for an average price of $620,000! Southern California prices for you…

Go in, I’m here

A candid of two siblings at Toronto Pearson Airport playing around. It appears that the older brother was encouraging his scared little sister to go in; somehow I have the feeling that he didn’t have the best intentions in mind 🙂 This might appear like a fisheye lens but its not, the terminal’s ceiling is curved

Inside Out

A very interesting house that we saw on our way back from lunch one day. The front yard looks like an indoor garage that had the front door removed to give it an open concept feeling! Not until I processed this image did I notice that the marking on the ground is potentially the divider for cars to park, I was drawn to all the lines inside the garage 🙂