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Balboa Park Activity Center

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I really wanted to do an HDR of this image and I actually started out by doing so but after looking at what was really going on I didn’t think it was fitting or at least I didn’t like it. The place looks deserted and hasn’t been used in quite some time, the sign that says “Balboa Park Activity Center” has gunk on it! I thought the monochrome was more fitting for the scene.


Overlooking the city

An image of downtown San Diego taken from Balboa Park (the very south end of it). The bridge that is to the left is crossing over Interstate-5 which runs all the way from Mexico to Canada!

Flying Over

A little monument in the form of a fountain in front of the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center. I’m not sure if the plane pointing towards downtown San Diego has any significance or was it just pure coincidence.


A series of symmetrical columns in one of the many gardens in Balbo Park.

In the Shadows

A shed/storage room behind around Balboa Park that caught my attention. I ended up walking right up to the fence and its a Canyon with about a 100-200 ft drop! Not sure what was the purpose of this shed then but ah well, great photography opportunity so I won’t complain. I decided to go with a monochrome version of this image.

Veterans Museum

An image of the Veteran Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park; being a memorial I thought giving it a vintage look would be more fitting.


A plane landing into San Diego International Airport over Balboa Park.

Worldbeat Cultural Center

This in an image of the Worldbeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park, its a non-profit institution dedicated to African and African-American arts and culture. They offer classes international dance and drumming year around, along with concerts and lectures. There was a group of about 5 to 7 people playing their drums on the other side of the center and that really confused me at the time, I wasn’t sure if it was a drum store or a museum! Anyway its Monday and what better way to start off the week than with a sunburst, enjoy the start of the work week 🙂