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Stroll on the beach

Beach, HDR, Pacfic Beach, Pacific Beach, Pacific Beach Pier, San Diego, sunburst

An image of people taking a stroll on the sands of Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach’s Pier is quite unique, as you can see the first portion of the pier is made of chalets which is part of a hotel. That is the Crystal Pier Hotel, the link will take you to an image of the entrance.

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Reflecting Back

When the water recedes around sunset, it creates a nice glare on the sand that makes it act like a mirror. I tried to get the seagull to look right though the lens but it wanted to keep a safe distance from me, so I ended up taking an image of it reflecting back 🙂 This was taken back at La Jolla Shores.

La Jolla Shores

A beautiful way to end the work week at La Jolla shores, not sure what it is about sunsets but they really do have a calming effect. A few minutes prior to this the lifeguards had announced that the beach was closing and that people should start leaving the water, and thats why you see all these people running out.