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Its all about the light

I really got into photography about three years ago and one of the first things I said: “I want a DSLR that takes really nice pictures, with amazing saturated colors but I don’t need a professional camera!”. My friend told me at the time, buy a cheap camera, a good lens and learn how to capture light and thats how you will learn photography. I rolled my eyes and I stuck to my guns, light? I don’t want to be a pro, I just want to take nice pictures! Ironically, the roles are reversed now; when I get asked I preach the importance of light yet no one takes me seriously 🙂

After a year of shooting I started to notice the importance (more…)


Reflecting Back

When the water recedes around sunset, it creates a nice glare on the sand that makes it act like a mirror. I tried to get the seagull to look right though the lens but it wanted to keep a safe distance from me, so I ended up taking an image of it reflecting back 🙂 This was taken back at La Jolla Shores.