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Field Level

Baseball Park, Blue Jays, HDR, Rogers Center, Skydome, Toronto

Field Level access at the Rogers Center to a Blue Jays game. This was Blue Jays vs the Oakland Athletics which they went on to lose the game; I’m not a baseball expert but apparently the Jays are making some major moves in the off-season.


Eyes on the mound

Baseball Park, Blue Jays, HDR, Major League Baseball, Rogers Center, sunset, Toronto

This in an image from my recent trip to Toronto, we went to a Blue Jays game against the Oakland Athletics. At one point while everyone was looking at the mound waiting for the pitcher to throw the ball I was thinking what a great photo opportunity this is 🙂

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Lets play ball

This is an image that I took prior to the first pitch being thrown between the Toronto Blue Jays and Oakland Athletics back in July of this year when I was in Toronto visiting. Luckily the weather was quite hot that day and the roof was open, which gave for a great backdrop for the image here 🙂 Sadly though, the Blue Jays lost that day 7-2 (July 24) and the following day was the worst loss in their franchise history: 16-0 also to the Athletics.