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Micro Brewery, San Diego, Stone Brewing Company

Here’s to the weekend! (This is the logo of Stone Brewing Company in North County San Diego)


Flower Friday

Its the end of the week and feeling kind of lazy, copying what others have been doing for Fridays: Flower Friday. I have no clue what kind this is so feel free to name it 🙂

Lily of Nile

A lily of Nile that I saw in Coronado Island. Apparently we’ve had more than the average expected rainfall in San Diego this year and I think its noticeable with how the flowers are blooming this year and I do remember quite a few rainy weekends this year. Happy Friday 🙂

Stay home weekend

Its been a cold, windy and rainy Saturday and from the weather forecast Sunday is not going to be any different. I would say the majority of the things to do in San Diego have an outdoors theme to it, its probably safe to assume that its going to be a stay home kind of weekend for the majority of us here!

Rain Drops

It was a non-stop rainy day in San Diego yesterday. Here are some various shots that I took through my car window while driving home. I focused on my glass manually, opened up my aperture as wide as I can to get a really shallow DOF and thats what you get 🙂 (more…)

Bokeh for a good cause

For the past 3 years or so the NFL has made October to be Breast Cancer Awareness month. You’ll see a lot of pink ribbons worn by the players and quite a few of them will sport the color pink wherever they can without changing their uniform color 🙂 I got this necklace while attending the dolphins game, and to be honest within seconds of getting it I’ve had this shot in mind. Finally got to do it this week while leaving work late, the necklace was hanging off my rear view mirror and I saw these tiny lights from a building far away which I thought would give me the effect that I wanted; I opened up my aperture and there it is…