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Rebuilding the street

I went for an exploratory walk around bird rock in La Jolla this past Sunday and I decided to go down all these little side streets where they always like to remind you that there is no access to the beach. They must really get annoyed by people trying to access the beach from their “local” street so I figured I’d just go see if anything is worth taking pictures of. One of the streets was being gutted out completely, and it being Sunday, nobody was working so I spent a few minutes taking pictures of the heavy equipment and this is the first of a few. I wish there were some clouds to fill that boring blue sky though!


This one is back from March in Solana Beach, it was actually a difficult one to take. There was actually a fence covering the bulldozer that was blocking the view. I saw a closed industrial size garbage container with yellow poles that block cars from entering right beside it, stood on the poles and placed the tripod on the the container and I snapped a couple of brackets and this what I got; enjoy the view without the smell 🙂