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Ferrari F430

Beer, Car, F430, Ferrari, Ferrari F430, HDR, Micro Brewery, San Diego

A parked Ferrari at the Stone Brewing Company, this is the the F430 Spyder. The F430 was produced from 2004 to 2009, its the predecessor was the 360 and it was later on replaced by the 458 Italia.

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458 Italia

Car, Ferrari 458 Italia, HDR
This a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia that we saw parked on the street, a few seconds after taking this handheld HDR a Bentley parked behind the Ferrari! Little kids ran towards the car and started looking inside so we asked the driver if it was his and he said it was his buddy’s car and he had just bought a few hours ago. Must be nice 🙂

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Mini Cooper

After having lunch with my colleagues a while back, I saw this mini cooper on our way back to the cars. It was quite shiny and I think partly the red that made me take a picture 🙂


Here’s a close up of a Maserati that I saw while walking around La Jolla. I was trying to convey how we always want something so badly but once we have it we take it for granted; look at all that dust on top of the trunk! Not much more to say 🙂

Ferrari California

Going back to my archives, I promised that I’d publish the rest of the pics that I took of the Ferrari California that I saw one day parked at a garage. Here are the other two that I got which by the way I didn’t do any selective coloring on as someone has sent me a message saying that it was very nicely done. The garage was actually that dull 🙂 I really need to get back to posting more regularly, hopefully it’ll happen in the next couple of weeks…. (more…)

Ferrari California: Front & Back

Found this beautiful prancing horse in a parking lot while I was leaving and luckily I had my camera on me. The indoor lighting was quite poor and I forgot my tripod at home so I had to hand hold these brackets, this series is just dedicated to front & back of this beauty. This is the Ferrari California which is apparently one of their most environmentally friendly production Ferrari’s; if you have 5 minutes to spare watch this “Fifth gear” video about this car’s capabilities and performance, just amazing. (more…)


Today I go back to my recent trip to Abu Dhabi, this Maserati was parked at this spot almost everyday I walked by it (at least 7 out of the 10 days I was there). I’ve been wanting to take a picture of it since the first time I saw it, I got a thing for doing cars in HDR 🙂 If my memory serves me correctly this was my last day and when I finally had the guts to snap some quick brackets of this beauty, I only did 3 and they were all handheld. A few days earlier I was talked to by security for taking pictures of Abu Dhabi Marina??? (not sure of the exact name of the place), so I was already skeptical about taking picture of someone’s car in a more “restricted” country. It was my last day and I wasn’t in the mood to get hassled, wanted to do a quick hit and run! (more…)