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Clear Path

Downtown San Diego, HDR, Night, Palm trees, Symmetry

Downtown San Diego at night where all the traffic was going into the city as opposed to the ocean.

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Across the bay

Cityscape, Coronado, Downtown San Diego, HDR, San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego SkylineCityscape, Coronado, Downtown San Diego, HDR, San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego Skyline

An image of the complete San Diego skyline across the San Diego Bay from Coronado Island.

Victorian Architecture

Architecture, Cityscape, Downtown Toronto, HDR, Toronto, Victorian Arhcitecture If you’d like to buy a print of the image above click here or on the image itself

Victorian Architecture is very prevalent in downtown Toronto and thats probably due to the fact that Canada was a British Colony until it obtained its independence from Great Britian (not sure exactly when but I think its sometime in the last 20-30 years). This particular image is on the Northern edge of the University of Toronto Campus (Bloor St.), typically this is a very crowded area during the day and this was right after lunch time. I stood there for a while until I could get a “clear” view, sometimes photography is about practicing your patience 🙂

As an update to yesterday’s post, (more…)

The view

Cityscape, CN Tower, Downtown Toronto, Rogers Center, skyline, Toronto

This is a view of Toronto from one of my best friend’s balcony. He just recently moved out of that apartment and I thought I’d post this image that I took from one of my last visits to his place. It was a great view specially with how dynamic the weather is in Toronto, in this occasion it was a break in the clouds from what later became heavy Thunderstorms.

Entrance & the Tower

This is the “Entrance” to the south side of the University of Toronto’s main campus, where the Engineering buildings reside and right in between the two poles is the CN Tower. I like how the University has closed the “inside” of the campus to cars and made it just accessible by foot.

Driving to the city

Another image of Downtown Toronto but this time it was out of a 2 door car with me in the backseat and using that really small window, it didn’t turn out too bad except for that car driving by on the highway! Here is a video (more…)

Sun Diego

An image of the infamous San Diego Skyline right around sunset taken from Coronado Island. San Diego is known for its sunny days and beautiful weather all year around, I would say on average it rains 20 days a year at most and that would be considered heavy rain! In case were I got the title from, the movie Anchorman; there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and I thought Sun Diego would be more appropriate 🙂

Love is in the air

Its Valentine’s day and sunset pictures are very suitable for this occasion, after all love is in the air today. I wanted to wish everyone celebrating the occasion a great time with their loved one. This is a picture of the city of Toronto taken from a friend’s balcony, I tried to capture as much as possible of the different landscape and “living standards” that exists within the city; you can see some industrial buildings, some low end housing, some mid-level housing, high rise towers, business offices and so on. What is sad is that often enough you’ll find someone thinking: “If I only had worked here (more…)


Downtown Toronto

Some cities are known for their landmarks and Toronto’s most famous would have to be the CN Tower, Skydome (now known as the Rogers Center!) combination.  On my most recent trip to Toronto, I went to a friend’s house and he had this amazing view of the downtown core so I couldn’t resist but take a few pics from his balcony, this is one of a few that I hope to post over the next couple of days.