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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Abu Dhabi, Collage, UAE

This is my entry for this week’s photo challenge, a collage of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The place has changed so much over the years that I hardly recognize it, where there used to be water they have built man made land!

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Offbeat Brewing Company

"1223 Pacific Oaks Place, Escondido, CA.", Collage, Escondido, HDR, Micro Brewery, North County San Diego, Offbeat Brewing Company, San Diego

Another collage from our day touring the micro breweries of North County San Diego. This is a brand new brewery (Offbeat Brewing Company)that had just opened up a few weeks before our visit; at the time they were only offering four kinds of beer! Considering how new the place is, I offered to give my images to one of the owners so if they ever use it its with my consent 🙂 (for those that are aware of my story with the Marriot)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Airport, Collage, Flying, Plane, Weekly Photo Challenge

For this week’s photo challenge, the theme is happy and one of things that really makes me happy is travelling. In last week’s entry, I mentioned that life experiences is what I seek and for me there is no better life experience than travelling and seeing what this beautiful planet has to offer. The destination is not as important, there is something about getting on a plane and landing in a whole different city and potentially culture in a few hours; its a very humbling experience, it puts the things that real matter in life in perspective, and that just makes me happy… 🙂