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Watching the show

Last night’s sunset was epic! Nature put on quite a show; within a span of half an hour the sky changed so many colors, it was incredible. A time-lapse would’ve been a lot more appropriate than this HDR but this was towards the last fifteen minutes where the sky went from yellow to orange to red. Here is an an instagram picture that I took with my phone without applying any filters about 10 minutes after taking the brackets above. Just look at all these people just staring the sunset, there were so many more above from (more…)

Between the trees

Yet another sunset image from San Diego, this one was taken in Mission bay where the sun was setting right in between the trees. Obviously my placement played in role in that but who’s keeping track 🙂

This is paradise

We’ve been having a few hot & humid days in San Diego, nothing compared to the rest of the country as I was in the Northeast a few weeks ago and its not comparable, its very mild in the Southwest 🙂 I decided to go for a swim after work and I was thinking to myself I can do this all year around, how lucky am I to live in San Diego. Thats when I remembered that I had this image waiting to be published, so here is a slice of our paradise 🙂

Early hours

Another image from my trip to Toronto, I think there will be quite a few coming up but I’ll try to mix things up! This one is from my first morning when I arrived, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for a quick breakfast and I just loved the whole scene: the reflections on the office building, the clouds and the colourful sunrise. This was in a small shopping plaza in Mississauga, which is considered to be Canada’s 9th largest city (Thanks to my sister-in-law’s sister for this tip 🙂 )

Sunny Days

Summer is just around the corner for the Northern hemisphere and the majority of us will experience longer and sunnier days ahead. This is an image that I took in Coronado Island in between what I believe a retirement housing complex; I adjusted my angle to get the sun peaking right in between the building and the tree, I hope you like the sunburst 🙂