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Across the bay

Cityscape, Coronado, Downtown San Diego, HDR, San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego SkylineCityscape, Coronado, Downtown San Diego, HDR, San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego Skyline

An image of the complete San Diego skyline across the San Diego Bay from Coronado Island.

This is paradise

We’ve been having a few hot & humid days in San Diego, nothing compared to the rest of the country as I was in the Northeast a few weeks ago and its not comparable, its very mild in the Southwest 🙂 I decided to go for a swim after work and I was thinking to myself I can do this all year around, how lucky am I to live in San Diego. Thats when I remembered that I had this image waiting to be published, so here is a slice of our paradise 🙂

Stay Classy San Diego

An image of the beautiful skyline of this city that I’ve been calling home for almost the last 4 years. By the time this post gets released I should be an hour away from landing in my real hometown, Toronto 🙂 I’m going back for a much needed 2 week vacation to visit family and friends and I just can’t describe how excited I am, this is my longest visit since I left back in 2008. I will try to keep my regular posts even though I missed one yesterday due to packing and some other shenanigans 😉 While I’m gone though, I trust that you’ll stay classy San Diego… see you in 2 weeks.

Face lift

An image of a building in Coronado Island getting some work done on it.

Sun Diego

An image of the infamous San Diego Skyline right around sunset taken from Coronado Island. San Diego is known for its sunny days and beautiful weather all year around, I would say on average it rains 20 days a year at most and that would be considered heavy rain! In case were I got the title from, the movie Anchorman; there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and I thought Sun Diego would be more appropriate 🙂

Around the corner

I intended to go to Coronado Island to take a panoramic of the San Diego skyline around sunset. The “spot” was just around the corner but I thought this was an interesting view with all the flowers; I mentioned in a previous post that its been a very flowery season in San Diego this year 🙂

Sunny Days

Summer is just around the corner for the Northern hemisphere and the majority of us will experience longer and sunnier days ahead. This is an image that I took in Coronado Island in between what I believe a retirement housing complex; I adjusted my angle to get the sun peaking right in between the building and the tree, I hope you like the sunburst 🙂