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Beer Kegs

Beer Kegs, diptych, Micro Brewery, San Diego, Stone Brewing Company

Its Friday so in honor of the weekend here is a diptych of beer kegs at the Stone Brewing Company in Escondido. Enjoy the weekend 🙂

If you’d like to buy a print of the image above click here or on the image itself


Red River Hog

diptych, Potamochoerus Porcus, Red River Hog, San Diego Zoo

This is a diptych of the Red River Hog which is also known as Potamochoerus Porcus. According to the San Diego zoo’s website: It is named for its reddish brown fur, and the fact that it often wades through water. ( Red river hogs don’t live in the Red River!) These pigs are active both day and night and are good swimmers, holding their tails above the water. They can also swim underwater, catching a breath every 15 seconds or so. The hogs are hunted in their native habitat by leopards.


diptych, coffee, caffeine,  Espresso, Portuguese Bakery

A Diptych that I did of an espresso with the tissue box at a Portuguese bakery in Toronto. Nothing better than starting off your mornings with a jolt of caffeine 🙂

Built Ford Tough (Pt. II)

Ford F-150, Truck, Composite, Diptych, Built Ford Tough

Here is the 2nd instalment from the photo shoot that I did for my colleague’s brand new F-150. This set is what I call the detailed shots setup in composites and one diptych. Here are (more…)

Water fountain

The water fountains at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Reserved Parking

Diptych says it all 🙂

Emergency System

Canon 5D MkII, EF 16-35 f/2.8L II

Today’s diptych tells the story by itself: when there is an emergency call the fire department. 🙂

Coming to an end

Diptych: Canon EOS 5D MkII, EF 16-35 f/2.8L II @ (L: 35 mm, f/2.8, 1/ sec, ISO 200) (R: 24mm, f/11, ISO 200)

I believe the winter (if there is such a thing) in San Diego is over. Pretty soon this tree will be full of green & life.

This diptych is also a good example of when to use HDR & when not to use it. The image on the left didn’t really have such a wide dynamic range (the variance from brightest to darkest spot wasn’t drastic) so a single exposure did it for me. Compare that to the image on the right where the camera sensor couldn’t capture the full dynamic range with one exposure, I took 3 brackets [-2, 0, +2 EV] and produced an image that looks much closer to what our eye would’ve seen. Here is the single 0 EV exposure, look at all the details in the shadows that was lost but the HDR process was able to bring back, the trick is obviously not to overdo it to the point that it looks like a painting that has no highlights and shadows.

0 EV Exposure