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RBC Financial Group

building, Downtown Toronto, RBC Financial Group, RBC Yonge and Bloor, Yonge & Bloor

The RBC Financial Group Building in Downtown Toronto located at Yonge & Bloor.

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The Tracks

Buidling, Downtown Toronto, Rogers Center, Skydome, Train Track

A picture of the train tracks that lead to Union Station, Toronto’s main train station located in the heart of downtown. This is where the western trains meet at; you get to really appreciate the volume of people that move in and out of the city during rush hour (I used to take these tracks when I was going to university). However, I took this image on the day that we went to the Blue Jays game back in July.

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Victorian Architecture

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Victorian Architecture is very prevalent in downtown Toronto and thats probably due to the fact that Canada was a British Colony until it obtained its independence from Great Britian (not sure exactly when but I think its sometime in the last 20-30 years). This particular image is on the Northern edge of the University of Toronto Campus (Bloor St.), typically this is a very crowded area during the day and this was right after lunch time. I stood there for a while until I could get a “clear” view, sometimes photography is about practicing your patience 🙂

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The view

Cityscape, CN Tower, Downtown Toronto, Rogers Center, skyline, Toronto

This is a view of Toronto from one of my best friend’s balcony. He just recently moved out of that apartment and I thought I’d post this image that I took from one of my last visits to his place. It was a great view specially with how dynamic the weather is in Toronto, in this occasion it was a break in the clouds from what later became heavy Thunderstorms.


This is the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), Canada’s largest museum of world culture and natural history which is located in downtown Toronto. It is one of North America’s largest museums as it welcomes over a million visitors a year. It has more than six million items and around forty galleries with its most popular attraction probably being the dinosaur exhibit which is a huge hit with the kids.

Driving to the city

Another image of Downtown Toronto but this time it was out of a 2 door car with me in the backseat and using that really small window, it didn’t turn out too bad except for that car driving by on the highway! Here is a video (more…)

MTV Canada

An image I took of MTV Canada when we were walking around downtown Toronto. Apparently it was controversial that they decided to take over the building that was/is housing a Masonic Temple. I tried to look up the term on Wikipedia to truly understand what a Masonic temple is and I got more confused after reading the article. I don’t understand the controversy, that is my conclusion 🙂

On top of the city

Overlooking downtown Toronto

Looking onto downtown Toronto from Yonge & Bloor from the 33rd floor. Unfortunately it was a grey & rainy day so some of the details got lost in the distance. This is the view from my brother’s office and regardless of how bad or good the weather is, I would imagine that its an uplifting view. I have such an appreciation for high rise buildings, maybe its because I’m a city boy at heart!