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Laguna Beach

I haven’t been to Laguna beach in a long time, yesterday I paid a visit to my friend who is visiting herself. Spent most of the day shooting her baby and catching up but I snuck a couple of pics this beautiful town and this is the first. In my opinion the two must see beaches of Southern California are La Jolla & Laguna Beach in that order; maybe I’m biased but thats what I would recommend 🙂 The other famous beaches draw crowds for the attractions and not the scenery like the two that I’m recommending.


Main Lobby

The reception desk in the main lobby of my workplace. Typically this area has a lot traffic through it: at times you’ll see the filming of some corporate communication video, an event to welcome to employees, seminar/presentation as the auditorium is behind the right wall, and these type of activities. This was taken late on the day that we lost power hence the yellowish cast from the setting sun.

Hiking Path

Another image from my hike in Torrey Pines. That was the point that I looked back and realized that I couldn’t see where I started my hike – in this case it was the point that I derailed from my usual path. I thought it was best to just keep on going, drinking water was all that I wanted to do and in my opinion hesitation more often than not is a bad idea 🙂

Ferrari California

Going back to my archives, I promised that I’d publish the rest of the pics that I took of the Ferrari California that I saw one day parked at a garage. Here are the other two that I got which by the way I didn’t do any selective coloring on as someone has sent me a message saying that it was very nicely done. The garage was actually that dull 🙂 I really need to get back to posting more regularly, hopefully it’ll happen in the next couple of weeks…. (more…)

One Path

Sometimes in life we are forced down one path, whether we like it or not more often than not its too late to turn around and we must continue what we had already started. What awaits us around the corner is the unknown, and with uncertainty comes adventure. (more…)

The moon & the stars are out

This is from the night of the power outage in Southern California, known as powergeddon. As you can see the Hyatt had some emergency power to their facility as that was the only place that had electricity that night, besides the Medical center which is very understandable and expected 🙂 Its interesting to note that you can do the sunburst effect with the moon also, one thing that a lot of beginners confuse about the moon is exposure. The moon is lit by the sun and it appears as if its own light source and you need to treat it as such, many beginners try a long exposure technique with the moon and they’ll just end up with a blown disc that lacks any details!

We have a winner

A few weeks back I shared a few shots I did for a friend of mine who is an interior designer. While she did the “design” of the house, me & her husband were taking pictures for her to use in her portfolio. Even though I’m a few weeks late (blame it on being over worked :)), she was just recently awarded the 2011 “Emerging Designer of the Year” award by the American Society of Interior Designers – Orange County. So I just wanted to dedicate this post to her and say Congrats Lynsey, please make sure that you check out her website

Here is the full set that I provided for her to choose from: (more…)

Oh Lucy!

Lucy, Oh Lucy, you must’ve been one special girl for this person to carve your name into the chair so deeply 🙂 I didn’t do it justice as the point of view that I went with focused more on compressing the lines than showing the carving, my bad! If you look at the center of you can see the “LUC” but the “Y” is more difficult to see. This was taken during a hike at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

Ferrari California: Front & Back

Found this beautiful prancing horse in a parking lot while I was leaving and luckily I had my camera on me. The indoor lighting was quite poor and I forgot my tripod at home so I had to hand hold these brackets, this series is just dedicated to front & back of this beauty. This is the Ferrari California which is apparently one of their most environmentally friendly production Ferrari’s; if you have 5 minutes to spare watch this “Fifth gear” video about this car’s capabilities and performance, just amazing. (more…)

Another sunburst

Starting off this work week with a sunburst over our corporate headquarters. This is the building that I work at; overall I was told that we have 42 buildings and I suspect that one day my group will be relocated to another building since we are not customer facing. The dome that you see is our auditorium were we hold big group meetings and hold some major events; for example once a month we play a movie that every employee is invited to bring his family too (free of charge). Also during the FIFA world cup, they showed the semi-final matches live on the big screen which created a nice world cup atmosphere. Ahhhhhh, the little perks that make you enjoy working for your company 🙂 (more…)

San Diego’s Power Outage

San Diego and most of the southwest of the US experienced a power outage on September 8, 2011 for approximately 6 hours which started right around rush hour ~ 4pm. Everything and I do mean everything was out, except for emergency facilities.

The traffic pretty much came to a halt as shown above; this was the intersection of Mira Mesa Blvd with Lusk. Converting traffic lights into 4 way stop signs paralyzed the city; (more…)

Abu Dhabi Sunburst

Its been a few hot & humid days in San Diego which is not the norm, specially the humidity! All of this heat made me think of my time in the UAE, even though I was there before their “hot season” started it was definitely hot & muggy. This shot was taken at the Yas Marina which is the island that they hold the Formula 1 race at; we stepped out of the building for no more than 5 minutes so I (the tourist :)) can see more of the track. I snapped this image and a few more that I shared in a previous post. (more…)


Life is all about choices, in this particular case I was hiking in Torrey Pines State Reserve and I came across a fork in the road; I had the choice to go left (which is the trail that I know) or go right and explore a brand new trail. I chose the right path and this shot was taken as I made that decision. It was an interesting choice as my 30 minute hike around sunset ended up being well over an hour; it wasn’t that bad except for the fact that I was carrying roughly 7 lbs of equipment on me and I had no water and it was getting dark so any sound that came of the bushes didn’t give me that comforting feeling. I had been told that the park has its fair share of rattle snakes so I was on the look for one of those. I didn’t have any encounter but here are some tips that I’m sharing after this hike: (more…)

Troubled Times

Everywhere we look we are reminded of the tough economic times that the globe is experiencing. This was taken at San Diego’s International Airport, which according to my knowledge is the busiest one runway airport in North America! Its sad to see all these gates closed but this is a phase in a cycle and hopefully the good time are just around the corner…

One last look

This was taken at Chicago’s O’Hare International airport back in April of this year. The gates were full of passengers waiting to board the plane so I decided to walk around, after all I had a 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi and I was really stressing over how to kill the time. It was also interesting to think that in 14 hours I will move a day in a completely different continent, different country, different time zone; I had to take one last look at North America before I left 🙂