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A Picture of Hoangie’s food truck that serves Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) on the go, they are actually quite highly rated so maybe I should’ve given them a try. I took this picture outside of The Lost Abbey while touring San Diego’s North county microbreweries.

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Food Junkies

A picture of the Food Junkies Catering food truck, there was a bunch of food trucks parked at the back that were not in service and this was the most colorful/interesting. We found this while having lunch at a Deli that I will leave unnamed for now because I wanted to write a post about the experience but unfortunately procrastination has prevailed! Enjoy the weekend everyone 🙂

Bitchin Burgers

Food Truck

Bitchin Burgers food truck outside of Green Flash Brewing Company in Mira Mesa. Not sure if this a thing in the South or across the nation but there seems to be a food truck fad going on these days!! Just in the last few months I’ve seen about 4 different kinds of food trucks specializing in BBQ, cupcakes, organic food, coffee, etc…
Apparently some of them even have apps that can tell you where they are and when are they expected to be at their “next” location, there must be a following to each brand. All the power to them, I’m all for good honest hard working folks 🙂