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I was too hungry to photograph the real meal but I did have time to take pictures of the deserts that appeal to me the most: fruits! I still forgot to take pictures of them before we attacked but somehow I was able to do a presentable setup for two out of the various kinds that were present. It was my first meal (more…)


Taco Tuesday

Its Tuesday and I guess its time to show some tacos and since I live in San Diego I think we are known for Fish Tacos. The taco in focus is a Mahi fish taco and the one with cheddar cheese is an octupus taco 🙂 Both are delicious and I’ve had them numerous times, not every fish taco is the same though! These ones were from Bahia Don Bravo in La Jolla which I recommend. If you are really hungry then you can order some (more…)

The Kebab Shop

Yesterday during lunch we went to The Kebab shop, which is a franchise that is based out of San Diego. The name would lead you to believe that you are going to Middle Eastern restaurant but its really a Turkish shop, now is Turkey part of the middle east? That’s not a debate to have here 🙂 A Doner is not quite a Shawarma, which is the middle eastern sandwich, and its not quite a Gyro either, the Greek version of minced meat. Regardless of what a Doner is I really enjoy their sandwiches; they have a lamb or chicken Doner and even though I typically like lamb more, I think their chicken Doner is the better option; there is some kind of herb in it that just makes it so flavorful (more…)