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King of the Pool

You can be the King of Pool and have all the privacy you desire or you can just take a single and be one of us regular people 🙂 Another image from the swimming pool at my building complex, the hot weather is back in San Diego after a five day absence so expecting this to be packed again. I took this back on a cold day when I knew no one would be there, when the weather is nice you’ll find people sometimes sitting there and reading a book without jumping in the pool specially on weekdays! Some of the perks of living in a city with such a nice climate.


Empty Gazebo

Its rare that this gazebo is empty at La Jolla, specially around sunset. I was lucky enough to have a few minutes to take these brackets because shortly after it got occupied as it always does

– 3 Handheld RAW images [-2,0,+2 EV] processed in Photomatix 4
– Topaz Adjust was applied to the entire image
– Noise removal was applied to the whole image
– Minor adjustments in Lightroom