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A view of downtown Mississauga from my cousin’s balcony, this view was synonymous with this summer’s vacation as we typically started off the day by having a coffe in the balcony while making plans for the rest of the day. At least its the weekend and the weather is nice 🙂

Early hours

Another image from my trip to Toronto, I think there will be quite a few coming up but I’ll try to mix things up! This one is from my first morning when I arrived, we stopped at Tim Horton’s for a quick breakfast and I just loved the whole scene: the reflections on the office building, the clouds and the colourful sunrise. This was in a small shopping plaza in Mississauga, which is considered to be Canada’s 9th largest city (Thanks to my sister-in-law’s sister for this tip 🙂 )

Snowed in

Yesterday we had a bit of rainfall in San Diego and the city got paralyzed as if it got snowed in! Traffic does get pretty bad in Southern California when it rains but yesterday was very odd because I didn’t notice a lot of rain and the traffic jam was on the same level of a snow storm back in Canada. Speaking of which, this particular shot is of Mississauga right after Christmas after a typical days’ snowfall: everyone went to work and traffic was moving! 🙂 This is a close up shot of that skyline that I took on Christmas day that I posted previously.

Field of dreams

Mississauga soccer field

In the summer of ’98 we used to meet at this field after watching the world cup of soccer that was held in France. Obviously the hype of the world cup attracted a huge crowd and I remember that we initially had several teams which forced us to create a system were a team(s) stays off the field while another two square off for the right to remain on the field. Over time the crowds dwindled and some went off to create competitive teams while others joined leisure leagues and so on. That was 14 years ago and it seems like it was just a few years back! This image was actually taken on Christmas day in Mississauga, Ontario (~ Toronto for the international audience) from my Aunt’s balcony; there wasn’t a hint of snow on the ground but it was slightly cold!