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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Airport, black & white, monochrome, Symmetry, movator, moving walkway, Toronto Pearson Airport

This week’s photo challenge is about something that is Big; larger than life. Here is the biggest terminal (Terminal 1) in the biggest airport in Canada (Toronto’s Pearson International). This is just a portion of the US side of the terminal, there is an international side of the terminal and the reason for this is because you clear US customs in most Canadian Airports. Technically this picture was taken in an area that is under US law which makes arriving at your destination a much more convenient process; since you’ve already gone through the hassle of clearing customs you just pick up your luggage and go.

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The long way back

This an image of the moving walkway besides the gate of my flight back from Toronto. I had to take an initial flight from Toronto to Washinghton, D.C. and then to Los Angeles and from there I drove to San Diego so it was quite an eventful day! It was great to disconnect from the world and just enjoy my time off with family and friends, but now I’m back and shall try my best at keeping the daily posts going again 🙂